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SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund: Why We Invested in Deevabits Green Energy

March 24, 2021

The SIMA Angaza Distributor Finance Fund (DFF) is a data-driven investment fund providing much-needed access to debt capital for last-mile distributors. DFF invests in companies distributing life-changing products in emerging markets, addressing one of the biggest barriers to their growth: lack of financing.   Betting on Rabbits…

Impact of Off-Grid Products: Inside Deevabits’ Distribution Business

July 22, 2019

As part of Angaza’s human-centered approach to designing solutions for last-mile distribution, we aim to deeply understand the point of view of distributors and their clients. One of the ways we do this is by visiting distributors and the end users to whom…

Balancing Efficiency with Transparency: Mwezi’s Pay-As-You-Go Distribution

May 27, 2019

Our team at Angaza regularly visits our customers to understand their needs so we can better support their success. On a recent visit to western Kenya, we joined up with Mwezi solar, one of our last-mile distribution partners. To make solar products more financially…

Microsoft Airband Grant Helps Angaza Change Lives

October 19, 2018

Thanks to a Microsoft Airband Initiative grant, Angaza has embarked on a relationship with Microsoft to leverage the power of Microsoft’s Power BI data analytics platform. Angaza uses Power BI to provide their partners with comprehensive business intelligence tools…