Information Security at Angaza

Security Practices
Angaza works to keep customer data safe by embracing information security best practices.

Our goal is to minimize the risk of unwanted access to confidential information. Security necessarily involves multiple areas of attention across any technology organization, including:

  • Controlling physical access to computing hardware
  • Controlling network access to computing services
  • Preventing vulnerabilities in software developed by Angaza
  • Avoiding vulnerabilities in software developed outside of Angaza
  • Monitoring system activity and alerting staff to potential attacks
  • Supporting access management within customer and partner organizations

Like any cloud software, security is a shared responsibility between Angaza and our customers and partners. Angaza strives to prevent unauthorized access by outside parties, and to provide customers and partners with the tools they need to manage access within their own orgnanizations.

Third-Party Security Assessment
Angaza periodically undertakes third-party security evaluations of specific software components. Angaza is also in the process of obtaining full SOC 2 security certification. Your contact point at Angaza can provide additional information.

Inquiries and Responsible Disclosure
Please reach out to for urgent questions or notifications related to Angaza software security.