Boost business efficiency and improve customer service

Seamlessly manage sales and customer service teams

  • Coordinate teams remotely

    Empower your workforce in the field with the information they need

  • Secure information access

    Tailor user access permissions based on job title

  • Simplify reporting

    Reduce reporting time with sales, payments, and referrals tracking in one place

  • Identify top talent

    Monitor sales, collections, and key metrics to identify high performers

Coordinate Remote Sales

Organize remote teams with powerful mobile tools

  • Create leads, make sales, and take payments, even when offline
  • Assign tasks to your remote workforce and check in on their progress
  • Track key customer interactions and share important updates
Secure Information Access

Tailor user access permissions based on job title

  • Tailor information access so sensitive data is protected
  • Reduce risk of unapproved access with password and login protection
  • Limit cash collection abilities and control device offerings to enhance operational security
Simplify Reporting

Track sales, payments, and referrals in one platform

  • Create a central source of truth for digitized sales and payments information
  • Cash collection and remittance accounting guarantees that information about balances owed is clear and secure
Identify Top Talent

Monitor key metrics to identify high performers

  • Quickly identify leading sales agents and teams to recognize their success and learn from their strategies
  • Customize information recorded about team members, including certifications and training dates

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