SOLEKTRA’s Impact in Clean Energy Solutions

At Angaza, we take pride in collaborating with transformative organizations like SOLEKTRA, who are making a remarkable difference in rural communities through innovative solar solutions. SOLEKTRA’s dedication to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions, mainly through solar home systems on pay-as-you-go platforms, perfectly aligns with Angaza’s mission of creating technology that enables businesses to offer life-changing products to anyone, anywhere.

SOLEKTRA’s commitment to improving the lives of rural residents is evident in its diverse range of solutions, including solar home systems, solar street lights, solar mini-grids, smart solar irrigation, solar water heaters, and clean cooking solutions. These solutions not only address energy and water challenges but also improve living standards and promote economic growth in the communities they serve.

As explained by Alain Harelimana, SOLEKTRA’s Managing Director: “Our drive at SOLEKTRA is fueled by the desire to create a meaningful impact in people’s lives with a significant focus on aftersale support and teamwork.. For example, our solar home systems provide essential lighting for studying, enhanced security, and empower farmers to increase productivity.”

SOLEKTRA takes pride in its contributions to the Government of Rwanda (GoR) electrification initiatives, with nearly 8000 customers benefiting from solar home systems and over 1000 solar street lights installed in refugee camps and vulnerable communities. Their commitment to ongoing customer support and community empowerment through the SOLEKTRA Solar Academy further amplifies their impact.

Angaza plays a vital role in supporting SOLEKTRA’s mission through outstanding customer support, financial backing, and grant opportunities. Our partnership ensures efficient tracking of customer data and seamless operations, enabling SOLEKTRA to focus on delivering top-notch solutions to their customers.

We are honored to be part of SOLEKTRA’s journey to transform lives and expand access to clean energy solutions. As our partnership evolves, we anticipate creating an even more significant impact and empowering additional communities together.

SOLEKTRA recently received recognition from GOGLA under the membership spotlight, where they elaborated on why they joined GOGLA. Click here to read more about their feature on GOGLA.


SOLEKTRA is a leading provider of clean, renewable energy solutions, including Solar Home Systems, Solar Street Lights, Solar Mini Grids, Smart Solar Irrigation, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Rooftop Solutions, Water Solutions, Clean Cooking Solutions, and other groundbreaking technological solutions.

Since its establishment in Rwanda in 2018, SOLEKTRA has positively impacted over 30,000 customers with its energy solutions, significantly contributing to addressing climate change and enhancing lives in rural communities.