Versatile payment tools to reach more customers

Offer a range of payment options to meet customer needs

  • Create loans

    Enable customers to pay in affordable increments over time

  • Take payments

    Collect cash or mobile money payments

  • Simplify pay-as-you-go loan enforcement

    Switch products on and off based on customer payment status

  • Track income

    Monitor real-time payment progress from a customer portfolio

Create loans

Allow customers to pay in affordable increments

  • Customize loan criteria and terms, including pay-to-own, recurring subscriptions, and pay-to-use models
  • Easily create and approve loan prospects with Angaza’s Activator mobile app
  • Offer special promotions and payment discounts to customers
Take Payments

Collect cash or digital payments

  • Choose from 60+ mobile money providers
  • Process down payments, direct sales, or installment payments
  • Accept cash securely with built-in fraud prevention tools, and monitor payment history remotely
Simplify payment enforcement

Switch products on and off to reflect payment

  • Provide an extra incentive for repayment by tying services to payment status
  • Send customers timely reminders about upcoming payments
  • Automate device activation upon payment receipt via keycodes or GSM technology
Track Income

Monitor payment progress in real time

  • See the detailed payment history of any customer, including amount paid and dates
  • Analyze collections and payment trends of your entire portfolio at a glance to optimize day-to-day and strategic decision making

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