Digitize records and build customer loyalty

Tools to create and grow customer relationships

  • Digitize records

    Record important customer account details

  • Capture prospects

    Create leads and manage their profiles

  • Communicate with customers

    Send targeted communications with integrated SMS

  • Sell again and again

    Maximize customer value with targeted promotions and offerings

Digitize Records

Capture important customer account information

  • Capture new customer information and account details, including photos
  • Reduce input errors and increase productivity by spending less time on data entry
  • Track key pre- and post-sale interactions and share crucial updates across platforms
Capture New Prospects

Create and nurture leads

  • Record potential customer information anywhere, even without a mobile connection
  • Approve or deny prospects for loan terms based on the criteria you set
  • Follow up with prospects to arrange delivery, or process payment at a more convenient time
Communicate with Customers

Enhance communications with integrated SMS

  • Send customized, automated SMS reminders to improve repayment rates and strengthen customer relationships
  • Utilize bulk SMS tools to send important information to a group of customers at once, including targeted marketing campaigns
Sell again and again

Boost customer loyalty with promotions and upsells

  • Give promotions to customers based on their repayment behavior 
  • Increase repeat purchases by bundling products and services, and offering product trade-ins and upgrades
  • Track inventory to streamline product management for trade-ins and upgrades

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