Championing Inclusion: Sharon Yeti’s Quest to Bring Sustainable Energy Solutions to Rural Communities

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we share the remarkable journey of Sharon Yeti, CEO, and Co-founder of Powerlive Zimbabwe. Discover how Powerlive Zimbabwe is empowering women and illuminating lives in rural communities through sustainable energy solutions.

Q: Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Powerlive Zimbabwe?

[Sharon] Certainly! I’m Sharon Yeti, the CEO, and Co-founder of Powerlive Zimbabwe. My journey with Powerlive Zimbabwe began with a personal goal deeply rooted in my childhood.

Q: Tell us a bit about Powerlive Zimbabwe or what’s the story behind Powerlive Zimbabwe?

[Sharon] Powerlive Zimbabwe is a for-profit, women-led social enterprise dedicated to providing affordable and reliable solar energy solutions to rural communities. We specialize in distributing solar energy products and solar water pumps in rural areas. Our main drive has always been to empower women and illuminate lives in rural communities.

Q: What inspired you to focus on empowering women through solar energy?

[Sharon] I was born into a family of girls, where I felt the need to prove that women can excel in any field. As I grew older and learned about solar energy, I saw an opportunity to make a difference. I wanted to create opportunities for women in a male-dominated industry and bring light to communities in need through sustainable energy solutions.

Q: What challenges did you face in implementing your vision?

[Sharon] Initially, we faced skepticism from local leaders about working with women. When we started, we approached chiefs and local leaders and told them about our plan to work with women. This was not taken so well but this did not stop us. Through perseverance and clear communication, we gained their support. Building trust and partnerships within the community was essential to our success.

Q: What achievements has Powerlive Zimbabwe made so far?

[Sharon] Over the years, we’ve empowered women as sales agents, impacting thousands of lives. Through commissions, these women can now support their families and contribute to their children’s education – a transformative change from their previous circumstances. To date, we have sold over 5000 solar home systems to households in Zimbabwe with the help of these sales agents,

Q: Can you share a significant moment for Powerlive Zimbabwe?

[Sharon] As a child, I grew up watching the BBC, admiring the impactful stories shared. I hoped that one day, people would also watch me, learning about the work I’m so passionate about. Being featured brought global recognition to our work, fulfilling a childhood dream and showcasing the impact of Powerlive Zimbabwe on a global scale. It was a testament to the dedication of our team and the transformative power of solar energy.

Q: How do you balance your personal and professional life?

[Sharon] Beyond professional endeavors,I find balance through activities like gardening, reading, and morning meditation. These moments of reflection energize me to continue our mission at Powerlive Zimbabwe.

Q: What role has Angaza played in your journey with Powerline Zimbabwe?

[Sharon] Angaza has been a valuable partner, providing clarity and support in our operations. Their responsive customer support team has helped us navigate challenges and streamline our processes. Their collaboration has been instrumental in our success at Powerlive Zimbabwe.

We foresee a continued and strengthened partnership with Angaza as we expand our portfolio and reach more communities with sustainable energy solutions.

Q: What does the future hold for Powerline Zimbabwe?

[Sharon] We are committed to expanding our reach and empowering more women in rural areas. Our goal is to create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and sustainable development. With the support of our partners and communities, we are optimistic about the future.

Q: As we wrap up, what would you like to tell our readers?

[Sharon] I encourage everyone to join us in the journey towards sustainable energy and women’s empowerment. Together, we can light up more homes, transform more lives, and create a brighter future for all. Our goal is to create more opportunities for entrepreneurship and sustainable development. With the support of our partners and communities, we are optimistic about the future.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us be inspired by the stories of women like Sharon Yeti, who lead the way towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.