Meet David Baraza: Technical Customer Support Specialist

David Baraza: Angaza Technical Customer Support Specialist

At Angaza, we’re dedicated to making life-changing products affordable to the world’s one billion consumers in emerging markets. Our customer support team ensures that our last-mile distribution customers receive exceptional and personalized resolutions, every time. In today’s team spotlight, David Baraza, our Technical Customer Support Specialist, describes what he’s learned since joining the Angaza team and his favorite places to visit when he’s not providing exceptional customer support. Let’s meet David.

David Baraza, Technical Customer Support Specialist, joined the Angaza team in November 2017. Based in Nairobi, he provides front-line technical support regarding product behavior, guiding detailed in-field troubleshooting. David graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Information Communications and Technology from Zetech University in 2014. He began his customer support career within the education sector in 2015.

Learn more about David in our Angaza Q&A:

Q: What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

A: The things I like to do outside of work are taking nature walks, traveling and music. Nature walks to parks, valleys, forests, beaches and other places with amazing scenery. My favorite places are the Kenyan Great Rift Valley, the Kenyan coast, and parks around the Nairobi region. I prefer traveling to remote places where it’s quiet with majestic scenery. In terms of music, I prefer Gospel, Soul, as well as African Rumba.

Q: What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

A: At Angaza, work is always interesting because each day presents new opportunities to address customer needs.

Q: What have you learned about customer support since joining Angaza?

A: The number one thing I’ve learned about customer support since joining Angaza is patience: You have to be patient with partners so that you correctly understand their problems. Sometimes customers report one thing, while in actuality they mean something else. Therefore, I ask a lot of questions and dig deep for information to understand the problem.

Q: You’re happiest when?

A: My happiest days end with me providing solutions and assistance to customers. I am also happy when surrounded by my loved ones.

Q: What three traits define you?

A: The three traits that define me are humble, ready to help, and loyal.

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