Pay-As-You-Go Technology Solutions For:

  • Activator

    Mobile Tools for field-based Pay-As-You-Go support.

  • Energy Hub

    Effectively Sell, Track and Optimize Pay-As-You-Go products.

  • Pay-As-You-Go Products

    Clean energy products for the off-grid world.

Angaza removes the upfront price barrier of distributed solar products by enabling off-grid customers to prepay for clean energy in affordable amounts. Get Started

Angaza Energy Hub

Effectively Sell, Monitor and Optimize Pay-As-You-Go products.

The Angaza Energy Hub is the web interface for all your Pay-As-You-Go distribution operations, allowing you to manage your Pay-As-You-Go business with ease. The Hub has a robust suite of tools to enable you to increase product sales, lower distribution costs, and build more loyal customer base.

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Track Customers

  • Register new Pay-As-You-Go customers
  • Collect & store customer information
  • Understand how your customers are using their units. Visualize product usage and diagnostic data.

Manage Payments

  • Process recurring payments via cash or mobile money
  • Individual and group level sales and repayment analytics
  • Understand customer credit risk and make informed financial decisions

Customize Sales

  • Set Pay-As-You-Go product pricing to be optimized for your local market
  • Accept cash or mobile money payments, directly to headquarters or through agent networks
  • Run promotions and customize SMS reminders

Angaza Activator

Mobile tools for field-based Pay-As-You-Go support.

Angaza's mobile app, the Activator, supports data-driven distribution operations in the field. Sales agents and dealers can use the Activator to:

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Manage Customers

  • Register new customers and collect their information, from the field
  • Record cash payments and apply credit to cable-based Pay-As-You-Go products
  • Track customer account status, payment history, and Pay-As-You-Go balances

Troubleshoot Issues

  • Assess product issues in real time
  • View battery charge level and other unit diagnostic information
  • Initiate device replacement and re-shelving while maintaining customer account history

Track Agent Finances

  • Remotely control agent access through customized credit lines
  • Track received and expected earnings from sales commissions
  • Determine status of cash remittances from agent to headquarters

Pay-As-You-Go Products

Clean energy products for the off-grid world.

Angaza supports a full catalog of Pay-As-You-Go devices, designed and built by our manufacturing partners. Our product portfolio caters to a variety of end-users and distribution companies, providing multiple options to sell and purchase with Pay-As-You-Go.

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Sun King™
Eco Easy Buy

The world's only Pay-As-You-Go solar study light. It's a low risk product for distributors new to Pay-As-You-Go and is affordable to any off-grid home.

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Sun King™
Pro Easy Buy

Portable lighting and mobile charging solution with Pay-As-You-Go technology. This system provides 3 lighting modes, 120 lumens of light and a powerful USB charging port.

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Sun King™
Home Easy Buy

Affordable, full home electrification solution that integrates Pay-As-You-Go technology with smart solar power. This system combines 3 overhead lights with USB charging for use indoors and out.

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A flexible Pay-As-You-Go solar home system that can be sized up or down to meet the unique needs of any end-user. It can power DC appliances like cell phone chargers, fans, radios and TVs.

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ovCatch 300™

Rugged, industrial grade night fishing light with Pay-As-You-Go technology creates 100 meter "light awareness zone" to attract fish. Lithium battery provides 300 lumens of light for 12 hours.

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ovPilot X-1™

Solar powered light and phone charger with Pay-As-You-Go technology built with an impact resistant, waterproof body. Provides 75 lumens of light and incorporates swivel hinge and stand.

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JUA Energy
Home Mate H1G

The Home Mate supports three 130-lumen LED lights as well as a 5V USB charging output with Pay-As-You-Go technology. Its long battery life can support all outputs simultaneously for up to six hours.

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JUA Energy
Home Mate H1G-Lite

The Lite version of the Home Mate supports three 100-lumen LED lights as well as a 5V USB charging output with Pay-As-You-Go technology. Its long battery life can support all outputs simultaneously for up to six hours.

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Solar Village
Battery Stick

The Pay-As-You-Go solar solution for small-scale farmers: powers agricultural devices like a pesticide sprayer and also provides home lighting and charging with a built-in 140 lumen torch, 220 lumen LED lamp, and USB port with charging kit. A fan, LED TV, and music speaker are available accessories.

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Power Line

The Pay-As-You-Go POWER LINE solar home system is capable of powering a 12V DC TV with USB and flash memory inputs, as well as high-efficiency LED lamps and the 3.5V Mobile One charging flashlight.

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Blue Line

The Pay-As-You-Go BLUE LINE solar home system powers a radio in addition to high-efficiency LED lamps and the 3.25V Mobile Mini charging flashlight.

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Bright Products

A Pay-As-You-Go multifunction LED lamp and phone charger with a detachable lampshade. The SunBell has a 1400 mAh battery and can provide 100 hours of light on four hours' charge.

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