IoT by Angaza

Deeper Insights, Faster Growth

IoT by Angaza combines best-in-class smart hardware with Angaza’s data analytics on the Hub platform. For last-mile distributors looking to get the most out of their device portfolio, IoT by Angaza provides deeper insights into product performance, helping streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve client satisfaction.

Remote device monitoring

IoT by Angaza monitors performance status, providing insight into device health indicators — like battery life — and notifying managers of problems in the field.

Insights for improved efficiency

IoT by Angaza saves distributors’ time and money by reducing device downtime and optimizing field support.

Smarter after-sales care

IoT by Angaza gives distributors the insights they need to provide better after-sales care, forging stronger relationships with clients and accelerating business growth.

The Competitive Edge to Accelerate Business Growth

Tamper warnings

See when the device enclosure has been manipulated, alerting you to potential problems in the field.

Unit health alerts

Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot common errors, such as poor panel placement, improving your technical support and resource allocation.

Remote updates

Push firmware improvements to units in the field so your products can get smarter and more efficient over time.

One-step metering

Let clients pay with mobile money to enable their device without having to enter keycodes or have distributors service their account.

Location tracking

View device locations in the field to help you allocate resources and plan for expansion.

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