Developing PAYG Embedded Software Modules with Unit Testing

This is the final piece of a three-part series on building reliable embedded systems. Off-Grid PAYG Solutions in Limited or No Connectivity Environment Reducing Risks in Embedded Software with Static Code Analysis Developing PAYG Embedded Software Modules with Unit Testing << You’re Here In this three-part series we’ve previously explored how Angaza uses cost-benefit analysis […]

Our Hiring Process: Software Engineer Interview

We’re excited that you discovered Angaza and that its mission resonates with you. Our software engineer interview process includes four steps: resume review, phone call, software project, and on-site interview. The entire process is guided by two principles: 1) treat the candidate with compassion and empathy, not as an adversary; and 2) evaluate the candidate […]

Discover Angaza’s Engineering Constitution

Here at Angaza, we appreciate the craft in our engineering work. We strive to deliver life-changing products, while caring deeply about the process we use to create these products. We don’t just want to “do engineering,” but rather, we aspire to master the art of engineering. We want to adopt principles and employ practices that […]