How Ezylife Uganda Used Angaza to Increase Cookstove Sales by 190%

Angaza Expands Executive Leadership to Power its Worldwide Growth

Angaza announces it has expanded its executive leadership team with three exciting new hires that will further its impact in emerging markets.

Drive Your Sales Growth With Repeat Purchases and Customer Loyalty

Discover the steps your organization can take to build trust with existing customers and extend sales relationships over time with Angaza.

How Mwezi Grew Their Revenue By Over 4x in Two Years With Angaza

Grow Your Last-Mile Distribution Business By Selling Any Product

Join Angaza's Director of Customer Experience, Caroline Shikhule and VP of Sales, Wesley Kading as they discuss how to ready your last-mile business to sell a limitless range of life-changing products to consumers anywhere in the world.

Angaza Aligns With BURN to Increase Access to Affordable Clean Cooking Solutions

Angaza is delighted to announce that we will be aligning our proven reputation for increasing affordability of life-changing products with BURN Manufacturing’s exceptional standards of quality and innovation in clean cooking technology. Together, Angaza and BURN will shine a spotlight on opportunities to increase access to affordable, reliable and safe clean cooking solutions in last-mile […]

4 Ways Angaza Streamlines Last-Mile Distribution of Cookstoves

Nearly half the world’s population (four billion people) still lacks access to modern energy clean cooking services, according to a 2020 report from World Bank. The challenge of delivering clean cooking resources in Sub-Saharan Africa remains particularly acute, with only 10% of the population benefiting from modern sources of energy for cooking, such as low-pollution […]

Building a Values-Driven Data Practice

Like any SaaS business, Angaza manages a tremendous quantity of data for our customers. This data represents both a strategic asset and a strategic liability: while it allows us to offer valuable business insights to our customers and take an evidence-based approach to improving our own product, accidental release of sensitive information could negatively impact our customers’ businesses and low quality insights and predictive analytics could lead to poor business decisions and degraded trust.

Four Ways Distributors Can Reduce Client Payment Default Risk 

Last-mile distributors offering pay-as-you-go consumer financing help consumers access life-changing products. However, they take on the risk of paying for those products upfront while the client pays for it over time.  Distributors can take several approaches to reduce risk from their client portfolios. These include: 1) Ensuring the consumer owns a mobile phone and has […]

Off-Grid PAYG Solutions in Limited or No Connectivity Environments

This is part one of a three-part series on building reliable embedded systems. Off-Grid PAYG Solutions in Limited or No Connectivity Environments << You’re here Reducing Risks in Embedded Software with Static Code Analysis Developing PAYG Embedded Software Modules with Unit Testing Angaza creates technologies that allow businesses to offer life-changing products like solar home […]