3 Productive Use Products Enabled with Angaza’s PAYG Technology

Productive use products enable consumers to support their livelihood through income generation, employment opportunities, and diversification of economic activities, according to GOGLA. One of the ways to do so is through the largest employer in the world, agriculture, which sustains the livelihood of over 40% of the world’s population.  Angaza has partnered with three manufacturers […]

Angaza and ATEC Partner to Launch First Pay-As-You-Go Biodigester System

Angaza is partnering with ATEC Biodigesters International to bring the first-ever pay-as-you-go biodigester system to last-mile farmers throughout Cambodia. The biodigester system converts animal, plant, kitchen, and even human waste into clean, renewable biogas and fertilizer. With Angaza’s embedded pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology, ATEC Biodigesters and last-mile distributors will be able to sell the […]