Angaza and Cello Electronics Partner on Standalone Solar TV

Angaza and Cello Electronics are partnering to bring two pay-as-you-go enabled, off-grid standalone solar TVs to last-mile distributors. By combining a solar home system and TV into a single product, the Cello Solar TV is the world’s first fully-integrated solar power system that provides consumers additional runtime at night and shorter charge time during the […]

Angaza and Uber Kenya Partner to Mobilize Affordable Solar Energy to Drivers

Angaza, the leading software provider for last-mile distribution, and Uber Kenya, the leading ridesharing provider in the country, have partnered to offer renewable solar energy solutions to thousands of drivers in the Nairobi region. The collaboration leverages Angaza’s partnership network of leading solar product distributors, whose products will be promoted to thousands of drivers and motorbike […]

Angaza and ATEC Partner to Launch First Pay-As-You-Go Biodigester System

Angaza is partnering with ATEC Biodigesters International to bring the first-ever pay-as-you-go biodigester system to last-mile farmers throughout Cambodia. The biodigester system converts animal, plant, kitchen, and even human waste into clean, renewable biogas and fertilizer. With Angaza’s embedded pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology, ATEC Biodigesters and last-mile distributors will be able to sell the […]