Meet James, Angaza’s Support Team Lead!

Hey everyone, I’m James, and I lead the Support team at Angaza. My primary role revolves around ensuring our customers experience seamless interactions with our tech solutions. Our focus is on fostering strong relationships and maintaining the optimal performance of our technology. That’s what drives us! My journey started 9 months ago as a Senior […]

Cheers to a bright 2024! Happy New Year from Angaza!

As we approach the end of 2023, we are excited to reflect on the collective achievements of Angaza and our Partners this remarkable year. It’s with immense joy that we share the highlights of our impactful journey and extend our warmest wishes for the holiday season and for the year ahead. Notable Achievements in 2023 […]

COP28 Off Grid Solar Industry Funding Highlights

As 2023 draws to a close, we would like to share with you some key highlights of COP28 with a special focus on funding announcements for the Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry. KEY HIGHLIGHTS FROM COP28 At COP28, leaders from around the world agreed on a new plan for clean energy and for dealing with climate […]

Introducing Flexible Product Bundles

We have incredible news to share with you today! Angaza is thrilled to introduce the Flexible Product Bundles feature on the Angaza Hub Platform, designed to enhanceyour sales capabilities and offer even more value. The new Flexible Product Bundles feature streamlines the sales process and the management of pricing groups by allowing distributors selling multiple […]