Meet Our Team

Angaza is located in San Francisco, California and Nairobi, Kenya. Our Pay-As-You-Go technology team consists of software and hardware engineers, designers, and mobile developers. Our partnership team engages directly with distributors who use Angaza's Energy Hub to sell Pay-As-You-Go energy products. We are all driven by a passion to make solar energy affordable to everyone with seamless financing technology.

Our Founders

  • Lesley Marincola


    Lesley is the Founder and CEO of Angaza. A product designer (B.S.) and mechanical engineer (M.S.) from Stanford University, Lesley has also worked at Amazon (Lab126) with the Amazon Kindle design team, and at Bay Area design consultancy, D2M Inc. with clients including DirecTV, Genentech, Qualcomm, and Volkswagen. Lesley is a recipient of the Santa Clara University Global Social Benefit Incubator (GSBI) scholarship and was named a 2012 Tech Awards Laureate, in recognition of Angaza’s pay-as-you-go technology. She was recognized by Businessweek as one of "America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs", is a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper, was named a Forbes "30 Under 30" Entrepreneur, and is a 2013 Echoing Green Fellow. Lesley’s vision is to solve the world’s most widespread problems – like energy access – with market-driven technology innovation developed from a human-centered design approach.

  • Bryan Silverthorn


    Bryan drives technology development at Angaza with a breadth of experience to match the breadth of Angaza's engineering efforts. His work in industry has ranged from embedded firmware to enterprise software to robotics hardware. To that background he adds academic rigor, with both a B.S. in computer science from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin. His publications have appeared at the top global venues in their area, including the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) and the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. His research, on optimization software that improves with experience, solved important problems using diverse methods. That same ability to build innovative solutions using unexpected techniques has been essential to the Angaza technology suite, and especially to the creation of Angaza's PAYG data transfer technology.

  • Victoria Arch

    VP of Global Strategy

    Victoria is a clean energy and sustainability specialist. She learned the intricacies of environmental science and policy while pursuing a B.S. in Earth Systems at Stanford University. She also completed a Ph.D. at UCLA during which she authored 12 peer-reviewed publications, won a university award for Outstanding Graduate Research, and received competitive grants from National Geographic, National Institutes of Health, and the National Science Foundation. During her dissertation fieldwork in rural Southeast Asia, Victoria fully recognized the intimate relationship between energy poverty and environmental degradation. As a result, she focused on applying her systems science background toward projects with immediate social and environmental impact. With Angaza, she has the opportunity to demonstrate that smart, scalable technology can greatly benefit both people and planet.

Team Members

  • Lindsay Caldwell

    Director of East Africa Operations

  • Alex Chiang

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Priscilla Choi

    Human-Centered Designer

  • Radhika Dimri

    Business Development and Marketing Manager

  • Steve Farrelly

    Product Manager

  • Bill Finn

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Rasmus Hansen

    Business Development Lead

  • Sid Khoshoo

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Brian Knapp

    Software Engineer

  • Sydney Larson

    Director of Operations

  • Victor Maucha

    Technical Customer Support Specialist

  • Josh Milburn

    Hardware Engineer

  • Winnie Momanyi

    Office Administrator

  • Mugisha Mushoka

    Software Engineer

  • Jennifer Sharma

    Office Manager

  • Eric Thorne

    Hardware Engineer

  • Peter Thuo

    Account Manager