Meet Kaspars Poplavskis: Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics

At Angaza, we’re dedicated to making life-changing products affordable to the world’s one billion consumers in emerging markets. The Angaza customer support team ensures that our last-mile customers receive exceptional and personalized resolutions, every time. In today’s team spotlight, we look into the pivotal role of data in optimizing our customer support operations.
Meet Kaspars Poplavskis, our Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics. In his role, Kaspars acts as the vital link between data and strategic decision-making, overseeing the extraction of valuable insights and translating them into actionable strategies. Let’s explore Kaspars’s approach to empowering our teams with data-driven insights to deliver exceptional customer support.

Q. How would you define your role as the Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Angaza?

[Kaspars] As the Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Angaza, I view my role as the bridge between data and strategic decision-making. I lead a team dedicated to extracting and presenting valuable insights from data and translating these into actionable strategies that propel our business forward. My focus is not on just analyzing data but on enabling other team members to access valuable data on their own and apply their own industry and domain knowledge to the available data to derive actionable insights.

Q. What are some methodologies from the business intelligence field that guide your day-to-day work in Angaza’s SaaS business?

[Kaspars] Fundamental to my approach are methodologies taken from Agile, where we prioritize flexibility and quick responses to changing data and stakeholder needs. Furthermore, embracing a culture of data democratization within our SaaS context ensures that insights are accessible across departments, fostering a data-driven decision-making process throughout Angaza.

Q. What do you love about Angaza?

[Kaspars] What initially drew me to Angaza was its bold mission to create significant, tangible impacts in everything it does. This ethos influences every project, initiative, and collaboration. The drive to maximize impact pushes us all to think critically about the broader implications of our work, challenging us to constantly seek ways to contribute more meaningfully to our industry and society. Witnessing the real-world benefits of our collective efforts is incredibly rewarding and serves as a powerful motivator.

Q. What is your favorite Angaza memory?

[Kaspars] My favorite memory at Angaza is undeniably the onsite trip to Kenya, where I had the opportunity to meet my team and coworkers in person for the first time. This trip wasn’t just a journey across continents but a profound journey into the heart of what makes our company unique—our people.

Traveling to Kenya provided me with a fresh perspective outside the confines of our usual work environment. Whether it was sharing meals, exploring Nairobi, or the team-building activities, each moment allowed us to connect on a personal level, understanding each other’s strengths, challenges, and aspirations far beyond what virtual meetings could offer.

This trip also allowed me to see firsthand the potential impact of our SaaS solutions in emerging markets. Meeting with local entrepreneurs and understanding their challenges and needs was an eye-opening experience that provided insight into the impact Angaza can have.

Q. What are your future aspirations at Angaza?

[Kaspars] Looking forward, I aspire to continue to drive innovation in our Business Intelligence and Analytics capabilities, both technical and operational, further solidifying our position in the SaaS industry. I’m also passionate about mentoring the next generation of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth within our team.

Q. What are your passions beyond work? 


Gym and Working Out: Beyond the confines of professional commitments, the gym has become my sanctuary, a place where I can recharge, refocus, and push my limits. Working out is not just a routine; it’s a discipline and a lifestyle that empowers me to challenge myself continuously. It’s the tangible progress, the dedication to self-improvement, and the mental clarity that comes with physical exertion that I find incredibly rewarding. 

Gaming: Gaming is another avenue that allows me to explore new worlds, stories, and challenges. It’s a dynamic form of entertainment that engages me both intellectually and emotionally, providing an outlet for relaxation and creativity. It’s also an avenue for social connection, allowing me to bond with friends.

Miniature Painting: Recently, I’ve ventured into the intricate world of miniature gaming and painting. The meticulous process of painting miniatures is meditative, offering a unique sense of satisfaction as I bring each figure to life with detail and color.

Q. Fun fact:

[Kaspars] Not content with merely navigating the digital world, I ventured into the realm of 3D printing, successfully completing courses on both 3D printing and 3D modeling that have transformed how I view and interact with physical space. Now, whether it’s crafting intricate models or prototyping the next big invention, I wield the power to turn imagination into tangible reality, one layer at a time.