Introducing Flexible Product Bundles

We have incredible news to share with you today! Angaza is thrilled to introduce the Flexible Product Bundles feature on the Angaza Hub Platform, designed to enhanceyour sales capabilities and offer even more value.

The new Flexible Product Bundles feature streamlines the sales process and the management of pricing groups by allowing distributors selling multiple products in one go to bundle the products together. The feature further enables flexible pricing based on the quantities of bundled products requested.

The Need for Flexible Product Bundles

The development of the Flexible Product Bundles feature has been based on feedback from our distributors. They have communicated the need for their clients to have the freedom to select the products they need and to choose the quantities that perfectly align with their unique requirements and available finances. We, at Angaza, are  proud that this effort is grounded in one of our core values: “Innovate with Empathy.”

Benefits of this new feature:

The new Flexible Product Bundles pricing feature on the Angaza Hub platform will benefit both distributors of life-changing products and their clients in the following ways:

Business Managers/Admins

1. Simplified pricing structure

It’s now easier to offer and manage a large number of product combinations while ensuring uniform unit pricing across all bundles. This means that a handful of pricing groups can represent hundreds of product combinations.

2. Increased purchase amount per sale

More product combination options mean each client can select a better fit for their needs and available finances. With the ability to offer a wider range of product combination options, businesses can maximize sales as their customers can choose options that match their needs and budget, leading to an increase in purchases per sale.

Sales Agents

1. Simplified Prospect Creation

With the ability to choose from a reduced number of pricing groups, select products and quantities, and instantly view the resulting payment terms, prospect creation becomes a streamlined and efficient process for distribution businesses.

2. Simplified Registration Process

The updated user interface allows for identifying products in any preferred order making the registration process more straightforward and efficient. This improvement enhances the overall experience for both agents and customers.

How does the Flexible Pricing Bundles Feature work?

1. Set up pricing group

  • When setting up a pricing group for  ‘Flexible Products’, you create a bundle with any combination of your products, e.g. one solar home system, a choice from three different solar panels, an optional TV, and up to five lights.
  • You then specify the unit pricing for each, and how much each should add to the total price and to the down payment.
  • Finally, you set the general payment terms, such as the pricing schedule and number of installments.

2. At the point of sale

  • When the agent creates a prospect in the Activator and selects a flexible product bundle, they’ll see each of the configured products and the unit pricing.
  • They can then talk through the options with the client, select the products and quantities, and review the resulting payment terms. This way, the client can select the product combination they want while fully understanding the implications on their payment obligations.

Check out the Assistant article on Flexible Product Bundles for more information.  

What’s Next?

Angaza is committed to supporting your business growth and success. The Flexible Product Bundle is one of the ways we’re ensuring you have the resources and capabilities to thrive in your business. We can’t wait to witness the incredible impact it will have on your business and your valued customers.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and dedication to delivering life-changing products to communities around the world.

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