Angaza and ATEC Partner to Launch First Pay-As-You-Go Biodigester System

Angaza partners with ATEC pay as you go biodigester
ATEC pay as you go biodigester

Angaza is partnering with ATEC Biodigesters International to bring the first-ever pay-as-you-go biodigester system to last-mile farmers throughout Cambodia. The biodigester system converts animal, plant, kitchen, and even human waste into clean, renewable biogas and fertilizer. With Angaza’s embedded pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology, ATEC Biodigesters and last-mile distributors will be able to sell the biodigester system to consumers in Cambodia in affordable, pay-as-you-go increments and expand their market-leading technology to other countries across the world.

Globally, cooking with wood kills twice as many people per year as traffic accidents. A family with two livestock or 5kg of plant waste per day can convert enough gas for daily cooking needs with the biodigester. The ATEC Biodigesters system also produces up to 20 tons of organic crop fertilizer, per product each year, increasing farm yields by up to 30%.

Video Source: ATEC Biodigesters International

“Angaza is thrilled to introduce this innovative product into our portfolio of pay-as-you-go devices through our partnership with ATEC, making the biodigester system affordable to families in Cambodia,” says Angaza CEO, Lesley Marincola. “The biodigester, combined with Angaza’s Pay-As-You-Go solution saves time, resources and improves air quality in the home. The impact across Cambodia and the system’s global potential is exciting.”

The system includes an ATEC biodigester tank, gas piping, desulphuriser, twin burner biogas cookstove, biogas rice cooker, and installation, in addition to delivery, user training, an after-sales-service program, and a 2-year warranty. According to ATEC, the biodigester will save the average Cambodian family more than $500 per year. It’s designed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and seasonal flooding, reduces deforestation caused by open-fire cooking, and is estimated to save 75 tons of greenhouse gas emissions during the system’s 25-year lifespan.   

“It was essential for us to partner with Angaza for payment management,” says ATEC CEO Ben Jeffreys. “The global potential for small-scale biodigesters is phenomenal with over 1 billion people who could benefit. Our goal is to scale to 1 million systems in 5 countries by 2030 to make a significant impact on the SDGs and the partnership with a pay-as-you-go industry leader like Angaza is key to reaching this goal.”

Learn more about the capabilities of the ATEC biodigester system; and contact Angaza to begin offering the Angaza Pay-As-You-Go ATEC system to consumers in Cambodia.