Angaza and Amped Innovation Bring WOWsolar to Off-Grid Consumers

Angaza partners with Amped Innovation

Angaza is partnering with Amped Innovation to bring three solar home lighting systems to rural off-grid communities around the world. The partnership makes the WOWsolar product line (60/100/TV) compatible with Angaza’s Pay-As-You-Go technology, enabling incremental payment options for off-grid consumers.

“We are very excited to partner with Amped Innovation because of our aligned missions to bring high-quality solar products to rural, off-grid households,” says Angaza CEO Lesley Marincola. “WOWsolar solar home systems are energy efficient, affordable, and high-performing additions to our line of life-changing products.”

The three distinct WOWsolar products come with a variety of accessories; daisy chain lights offer multi-room lighting capability, radio, and television. Now that the product line is supported on Angaza’s software platform, distributors of the WOWsolar family of products have three complete solutions to sell in affordable increments directly to clients in the field. And, the WOWsolar 60 and 100 can be upgraded to include a larger solar panel (30W), a larger battery, a television, hair clippers, or a fan. Amped Innovation’s WOWsolar product line is verified by Lighting Global Quality Standards and comes with a two year warranty.

Amped Innovation WoWsolar

Amped Innovation WOWsolar TV. Image source: Amped Innovation


Amped Innovation WOWsolar Product Details

User Controlled Lighting

All daisy chain capable lights come with two brightness options; high or low.

WOWsolar 60

3 lights (360 lumens) and 6W PV module.

WOWsolar 100

3 lights (360 lumens), radio included, and 10W PV module. The WOWsolar 100 has 2x 5V USB outputs for phone charging or radio use. The system is packaged with one adapter that has 4 connectors for various cell phones.

WOWsolar TV

19” television with a one year warranty, 4 lights (480 lumens), 30W PV module, and 1500 mAh external battery. Radio and mobile phone can be purchased separately.  

Learn more about the capabilities of Amped Innovation’s WOWsolar 60, 100 and TV products; and contact us to begin offering Angaza Pay-As-You-Go WOWsolar solar home systems.