Our Hiring Process: Software Engineer Interview

Angaza's process for interviewing Engineering candidates emphasizes compassion and empathy

We’re excited that you discovered Angaza and that its mission resonates with you. Our software engineer interview process includes four steps: resume review, phone call, software project, and on-site interview. The entire process is guided by two principles: 1) treat the candidate with compassion and empathy, not as an adversary; and 2) evaluate the candidate on the activities that we do every day.

We try to respond to every resume that’s submitted via Angaza’s Careers page and you’ll be happy to hear that we don’t use AI or automated keyword searches during the review process. You’ll receive a response, whether affirmative or negative, and if you don’t—we promise it’s a mistake.

During the phone call portion we’ll likely prompt you to think of specific engineering problems that you’ve worked on and we’ll pay close attention to how you convey context so we understand the specific problem; discuss the decisions, trade-offs, and thought processes going into the solution; and summarize the outcome. Hint, strive to be an excellent engineering communicator.

For the software project, instead of a real-time code interview, we’ll ask you to solve a problem from one that we’ve already faced in our production system, using whatever resources or time you need to complete the task. Then we’ll review the code as if it were merged into production and provide review comments. Hint, provide a solution that you might submit as a pull request in your own work.

The final piece is an on-site visit; and don’t worry, no whiteboard algorithms. With a pair of Angazans, technical sessions consist of presenting challenges associated with our domain and then working with you as you reason through them. We’ll be looking for your ability to learn a new domain, and model it, reasonably; and the ability to think at different layers of abstraction when considering overall system design. Hint, prepare to interact with colleagues collaboratively, as you puzzle through a domain-specific situation together.