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Angaza Hub - Digitize your last-mile distribution business with-Angaza

Digitize Your Business

Bring your business online with a flexible sales and payment management platform customizable to your unique needs. Angaza improves efficiencies, lowers costs, and helps teams of all sizes grow faster on an intuitive platform designed for ease of use.

Angaza Grow your client base through the Angaza Pay-As-You-Go Technology

Grow Your Client Base

Attract new clients with multiple payment options and efficient communication tools. Build client loyalty and grow sales with an ever-growing selection of top-of-the line, Angaza-compatible products.

Angaza Activator App: Manage sales networks

Manage Sales Networks

Efficiently track, manage, and optimize the performance of your distributed sales agent network. Equip your sales agents with mobile tools to streamline their efforts in the field.

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The Angaza Activator

Register new sales

Empower your sales teams to register new clients and make
sales on the go.

Accept cash or mobile money

Simplify collections and digitize payment records by flexibly collecting cash and mobile money payments.

Operate offline

Free your rural sales team from dependence on mobile connectivity to sell products and process payments — even while offline.

Manage field stock

Track inventory movement, mitigate fraud, and gain full transparency into your distributed sales operations.

The Angaza Hub

Communicate with your clients

Keep in touch with your most remote clients with at-a-glance profiles, real-time payment information, and mobile communication tools.

Optimize your sales channels

Monitor sales and drive performance of your distributed agent or retail network, right from your desk.

Make data-driven decisions

Collect and analyze digitized data from your clients, agents, and products with powerful business intelligence tools.

Customize your settings

Tailor your Hub settings to meet your unique business needs and maximize growth in your market.

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Angaza Connects - Angaza’s Pay-As-You-Go technology

Angaza Connects

Extend the power of Angaza’s platform with relevant, straightforward, and flexible data solutions.

Distributors seeking solutions that scale can connect their data and software systems to increase efficiency, unlock insights, and effortlessly synchronize their operations. When you put your data to work you can focus on what really matters — delivering more life-changing products to more people.

IoT by Angaza

Access deep insights about products in the field to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve client satisfaction.

IoT by Angaza harnesses the combined power of best-in-class smart hardware and data-driven insights on the Angaza platform. Now, distributors can tap into the information they need — like device health, location, and even tamper alerts— to better manage their business and provide superior client service.

Angaza - IoT by Angaza

A Flexible Solution

Angaza’s technology platform includes integrated tools designed for all your business users, including your management team, call center, and field sales network. Sell any product to your client base, from metered solar energy products to non-metered appliances, as an upfront cash sale or on a pay-as-you-go plan.


The Angaza Hub is your web interface for all of your sales operations, allowing you to manage your distribution business with ease.


Angaza’s mobile app, the Activator, supports data-driven distribution operations in the field, and functions even while offline. 

Sell Any Product

Our integrated technology platform enables you to increase the affordability of life-changing products, from solar home systems to clean cookstoves.

Work With the Market Leader

Built for Business

Optimized and field-tested for over 6 years, our solution powers the operations of hundreds of distributors across the globe.

50+ Payment Integrations

Our global network of integrated mobile money providers means your business can instantly and seamlessly collect digital payments through your local network provider.

Product Compatibility

Our hardware-agnostic platform enables you to provide your clients with a wide selection of life-changing products.

5x Increase In Sales

Distributors see transformative impact by digitizing their businesses with Angaza.

1.5 Million+ Products Supported

1.5 Million+ Products Supported

Angaza’s technology supports over 1 million life-changing products, including solar home systems, clean cookstoves, water pumps and more.

Angaza's technology has been essential for establishing ready-to-scale operations in markets where operational leanness and flexibility is a requirement for success.
Pierandrea Renna, Go-to-Market Leader, Greenlight Planet

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