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Unlock New Markets

Angaza partners with best-in-class companies looking to increase their opportunities in emerging markets. We build partnerships across sectors, from collaborations with leading solar manufacturers to mobile money integrations with the world’s largest mobile network operators. Through our partnerships, we support businesses as they increase their reach, build consumer relationships, and grow their sales.

Angaza Partnerships

Delivering solutions across the value chain.

How It Works

Angaza builds cross-sector partnerships with manufacturers, distributors, and mobile network operators. Each partner leverages Angaza’s technology to play a crucial role in delivering quality, affordable life-changing products to consumers.

Our Partners

Angaza collaborates with partners across the globe, from manufacturers to mobile network operators. A partial list of our partners include:

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Global Partnerships

Over 100 distribution partners across 30+ countries use Angaza’s technology to digitize and grow their business.

Mobile Integrations

Our integration with over 20 mobile payment platforms in dozens of countries enables ease of adoption for new distribution partners.

Our solar home system PAYG program launched within just a few weeks with the Angaza platform and worked exactly as it should. With Angaza’s support, we were able to meet our program goals.
George Bragg, One Acre Fund, Tanzania Program Director