Nexus: Secure Open-Source PAYG Technology

Making Any Product Accessible

Pay-as-you-go technology has improved the lives of last-mile consumers by making millions of products like water pumps, solar lights, and agricultural equipment more easily accessible and affordable. With the proliferation of off-grid devices, accessories, and software platforms to manage them, the last-mile distribution industry increasingly needs solutions to connect them all together.

Nexus is Angaza’s suite of free and open-source embedded software technologies that enables devices to securely connect with off-grid devices and cloud services. With Nexus, manufacturers can create a single PAYG version of their device, reducing costs and accelerating the development of accessible life-changing products.

Secure Open-Source PAYG Technology Nexus Keycode

Nexus Keycode

The industry leading keycode system used in over 2 million pay-as-you-go devices.

Use this open-source technology to make any device pay-as-you-go ready.

Nexus Channel

Nexus Channel

A secure application protocol that enables off-grid device-to-device communication.

Manage multiple pay-as-you-go devices via a single keycode and easily share important device data.

Connecting the Last-Mile Distribution Industry

Nexus connects off-grid devices and cloud services to benefit the entire off-grid industry.

Manufacturers can easily create and manage pay-as-you-go enabled devices that can work on any software platform and securely communicate with each other.

Distributors can use any compatible device and accessory with any software system, providing ultimate flexibility. They will also have access to richer standardized performance data from devices, allowing them to detect problems and troubleshoot remotely.

Consumers can purchase a variety of connected off-grid accessories and devices and manage them with a single payment process. Devices can also work together to balance energy requirements and better meet consumer’s needs. This reduces energy costs and ensures that the most critical energy needs (like keeping food cold) are prioritized over less critical appliances (like charging electronics).

Any Nexus-enabled PAYG software angaza or Other platfomrs

Make your off-grid device PAYG-ready

A New Standard Advancing Off-Grid Innovation

Nexus is based on emerging industry-wide standards defined by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) Tech & Interoperability Working Group, in conjunction with the Efficiency for Access interoperability roadmap. Angaza received an R&D Grant from Efficiency for Access, with funding from UK aid and the IKEA Foundation for Nexus Channel development. The Efficiency for Access Research and Development Fund is focused on improving appliances in off- and weak-grid environments.

Manufacturers can choose exactly how they want to implement Nexus technology in the pay-as-you-go version of their product, from developing their own firmware solution from the ground up using free open-source protocols, to integrating the entire turn-key Nexus solution-as-a-service.


Can I use Nexus Keycode and Nexus Channel with the PAYG software platform of my choice?

Yes, any PAYG platform (including your own solution) can integrate with Nexus. The three largest PAYG platforms are already Nexus-ready, including of course Angaza. We are happy to provide advice on platform integration, and you can even manage Nexus-enabled devices with your own solution.

How are individual Nexus devices deployed? 

In order to sell a PAYG device, distributors need important operational information like device-specific identities from manufacturers. The Nexus API provides a central platform to manage this type of data. When manufacturers create units, the device-specific information is stored on the Nexus API servers. PAYG platforms can use the API to generate Nexus Keycodes for their devices, or export the identity and cryptographic data in order to generate those keycodes outside of the API. As a result, manufacturers can create true single-SKU devices and ship them to any distributor without regard to the PAYG platform the distributor is using.

Who controls keycode generation via Nexus Keycode?

Because Nexus is open-source and integrated with a number of PAYG software platforms, you get to choose how you want to manage keycode generation and device state updates. You may utilize the managed Nexus API to control keycodes and generate them via our servers. You may also use a compatible PAYG software platform, in which case the keycodes will be generated on the servers of the software provider of your choice. Of course, since the code is open source, you can also manage the devices independently and generate keycodes using an independent service.

Can I use Nexus Keycode for offline devices?

Yes, Nexus devices do not require a digital connection. In order to keep track of keycodes for offline use, we recommend a mobile application like the Angaza Activator that is designed for a large network of agents with intermittent connectivity.

Can I use other keycode protocols with Nexus Channel?

No, currently Nexus Channel only supports Nexus Keycode. In the future, it can support other communication protocols including Nexus GSM.

What information can Nexus Channel transmit between devices?

Nexus Channel supports much more than keycode sharing and device state management, and we invite you to explore the possibilities. For example, devices powered by a central solar home system (SHS) battery could exchange data about energy priority, allowing the SHS to make intelligent decisions about which appliances to power or not when energy is low. As another example, low-cost accessory devices could collect telemetry data and send it to cloud platforms via a GSM-enabled controller device.

Device manufacturers can use existing resource models or introduce new ones customized to their specific use case. You are free to develop independent proprietary resource models, or contribute to the publicly available set of models for wider adoption and interoperability.

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