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    Access the largest global network in last-mile distribution of over 200+ distributors across 50 countries

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    Distributors who use Angaza see a 5x increase in sales, leading to more frequent device orders

  • Upgrade Your Devices

    Leverage powerful device metering, monitoring, and communications technology

Your technology partner for every product, at every mile

  • Offer any device on the Angaza platform, including solar lighting systems, cookstoves, smartphones, and refrigerators
  • Use Nexus, Angaza’s interoperable, industry standard open-source integration technology, and enable your device to work on any pay-as-you-go platform

Our Partners

Join a large and growing portfolio of best-in-class manufacturers, including:

20+ world-class brands partner with Angaza

With Angaza, the up-front financial barriers to owning a solar home system are removed, enabling us to reach more people, faster. Angaza’s technology also allows easy connection to mobile money providers across Sub-Saharan Africa, making rural end-customers bankable.

Felix B, CEOSolarworx

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Technology Solutions

Choose from a variety of leading-edge Angaza device solutions or discover how to utilize your own in-house technology with Angaza’s sales platform.

Pay-As-You-Go Metering

Choose from multiple ways to create an interoperable pay-as-you-go device.

  • Angaza’s coprocessor: Integrate the industry leading embedded pay-as-you-go offering into your device
  • Nexus Keycode: Use the secure open-source pay-as-you-go enforcement protocol to develop your own firmware
  • Your PAYG technology: Enable your existing pay-as-you-go device to work with Angaza via the Nexus API
Device-to-Device Communication

Develop a line of accessory products that can be secured with a single pay-as-you-go device. Angaza’s Nexus Channel offering enables devices to communicate with each other via an industry-standard protocol.

Device Data Analytics

Create connected devices that can report performance patterns, generate tamper and malfunction alerts, conduct remote firmware updates, and share location data. Choose from:

  • Angaza GSM coprocessor: Enable two-way communication with devices with the industry-leading embedded hardware offering
  • Your own GSM technology: Build your own GSM solution and integrate with Angaza’s Nexus API

Angaza has a highly professional, well-structured, and goal-oriented team. Integrating with Angaza’s technology has enabled us to increase the affordability of life-changing products.

Daniel G, Technical ManagerFosera

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