Software Engineer, Full Stack – San Francisco

Angaza creates software for selling life-changing products in underserved markets.

When a family in Tanzania (or Kenya, or Nigeria, or India…) pays a weekly installment on their new home solar installation, their payment is processed by Angaza backend software. When they have a question about their account, a call center finds the answer using an Angaza web application.

Their lives were changed when they could turn on electricity for the first time, and the business that made it possible used Angaza software to do so: to register their purchase, to set up their installation, and to stay in touch while they start to benefit from it.

Plenty of other “B2B SaaS” companies build software designed for mature industries and well-served markets. Angaza instead designs technology that works better for people and places that are often the edge cases for other software companies. They are, however, our core users, and we believe they’ll use our software to dramatically improve the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people over the next decade.

This Position

As a member of the Business Foundations team, you will provide tools and services that enrich the lives of countless people around the world. Your team’s charter is to manage the data access, security, and revenue flow of Angaza’s customers, and you will deploy improvements as often as daily. You’ll learn from us how we maintain a high level of service with a high-quality code base, and we’ll learn from you how we can make them even better.

You’ll write a lot of Python, much of it invoking the SQLAlchemy and Flask frameworks. You’ll be encouraged to span the gamut of software responsibilities, from managing operations in our AWS-based stack to thinking hard about high-level architecture. You’ll earn considerable freedom of approach, ownership of results, and bi-weekly celebrations of what you’ve accomplished. You’ll receive weekly investment in your career growth from senior engineers and in turn be invited to mentor colleagues where you have knowledge. Every engineering role includes opportunities to lead and obligations to serve.

At Angaza we support diversity of thought, experience, and background, and seek to welcome new perspectives and skills to the team. Candidates from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds are warmly encouraged to apply. You can read more about Angaza engineering culture on Key Values and our engineering blog.

Should You Reach Out?

You should have 4+ years of professional experience writing software. Beyond that, experience in any of the following areas (listed in rough order of how regularly you’ll draw on them) will be directly relevant to your work here:

  • Python (we use SQLAlchemy and Flask heavily)
  • Implementation of testable complex business logic
  • Performance and scaling of three-tier applications
  • Technical leadership, including mentorship, architectural direction, and influence over process
  • Written and verbal communication with audiences of diverse backgrounds and perspectives
  • Postgres (SQL and management)
  • REST API design and implementation
  • AWS, Heroku, Grafana, and associated deployment platforms and tools
  • Previous startup environments
  • JavaScript (ES6), especially React or Redux
  • Android app development

We don’t expect you to check all of these boxes! Here, “full stack” means that you should expect to work across client and backend software as necessary, but you’re not expected to arrive as an expert in everything.

Next Step

This position is full-time and on-site in our San Francisco office.

Send us your contact details and résumé. Feel free to attach any extra information you think we should know. We look at every single person. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Other Details

Angaza is a for-profit company with offices in San Francisco and Nairobi.

Our global technical team is more than two dozen people. We’ve worked at places like Kiva, Canonical, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Mozilla. We strive to be thoughtful, pragmatic, and collaborative.

Our hiring process typically involves a phone conversation, a small and well-defined home project, and an on-site interview. We don’t believe in gotcha logic puzzles or adversarial whiteboard exercises, and we give you specific constructive feedback wherever possible.

Employees receive salary, an equity stake in Angaza, and benefits that include:

  • Medical, life, and disability insurance
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Your transit or bike commute expenses paid by Angaza
  • Parental leave at 100% salary
  • Flexible time off
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Team and mission that you can believe in