Director of IoT Solutions – San Francisco

Angaza creates technology for selling life-changing products in underserved markets.

Every day, families in more than thirty countries, from Kenya to Nigeria to India, use technology developed by Angaza to buy solar home systems with "pay-as-you-go" (PAYG) financing. These off-grid products were designed and manufactured by an Angaza partner such as Greenlight Planet or Fosera, with Angaza collaborating to integrate PAYG functionality into the product firmware, electronics, and overall design.

After the sale, a local distributor uses Angaza software to manage that family's affordable payment plan. Each installment payment is processed by Angaza backend software, reactivating the solar home system by communicating with the Angaza firmware that it embeds.

Intelligent connected devices make this story possible. Angaza develops the firmware and circuits behind that intelligence, with a focus on communication technologies ranging from secure keycodes to GSM. We work with product partners to integrate our PAYG solutions into their device hardware, and we support their distribution customers with effective software tools for selling those connected products.

Lead product development for Angaza's off-grid hardware partnerships.

Don't worry if you hate saying "IoT". We're a startup and we can figure out your title later. This role has four broad areas of responsibility:

  • Team management: ensure that each member of your three-person team (plus you) has the support, direction, and opportunities necessary to succeed and grow.
  • Product management: help to lead the design and requirements for new Angaza embedded solutions, and influence key decisions about the behavior of PAYG features in partner products.
  • Project management: set and satisfy internal and external expectations about functionality, reliability, and schedule.
  • Engineering management: support team and partner R&D to create great off-grid PAYG products.

You don't need deep experience in all of these areas, but you do need it in some of them, and you should be eager for a role that encompasses them all.

Should You Reach Out?

You should have 8+ years overall professional experience, including 2+ years in some type of leadership role (whether or not you were officially a "manager"). Beyond that, experience in any of the following areas is a plus:

  • Communication with customers and partners, in writing and in person
  • Product management: shaping how a product should work for its end users
  • Helping teams make engineering decisions in a structured way
  • Engagement with hardware businesses, especially China-based
  • Software development in C and/or Python, especially for embedded systems
  • Manufacturing and QA for electronic products at volume
  • Hardware or software security
  • IoT or telecom M2M systems and protocols
  • Work in an energy sector, especially solar
  • Decisions related to business and/or competitive strategy
  • Previous startup environments

We don't expect you to check all of these boxes!

The Next Step

This position is full-time and on-site in our San Francisco office.

Send us your contact details and résumé. Feel free to attach any extra information you think we should know. We look at every single person. We'll get back to you shortly.

Other Details

Angaza is a for-profit company with offices in San Francisco and Nairobi.

Our hardware / firmware team includes three engineers, and our broader Angaza technical team is seventeen people. We've worked at places like Canonical, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, and Kiva. It's an experienced group that strives to be thoughtful, pragmatic, and collaborative.

Employees receive salary, an equity stake in Angaza, and benefits that include:

  • Medical, life, and disability insurance
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Your transit or bike commute expenses paid by Angaza
  • Parental leave at 100% salary
  • Flexible time off
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Team and mission that you can believe in

Our hiring process typically involves a phone conversation, a one-hour session with the team, and a longer on-site interview sequence.