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Angaza partners with best-in-class device manufacturers to integrate
field-tested, smart, pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology
into solar home systems and household devices.

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Powered by Angaza

Devices Powered by Angaza unlock the most value and insight.

Angaza works with manufacturers to embed our industry leading pay-as-you-go technology directly into the device hardware. This proven technology is active in millions of devices.

These devices get all features and functionality of the Angaza platform, including offline activations.


Enabled with Angaza

Devices Enabled with Angaza provide excellent pay-as-you-go experiences.

Angaza supports manufacturers to make their devices compatible with Angaza’s platform using the manufacturer’s pay-as-you-go technology.

These devices meet Angaza’s high quality standards and can use most of the features and functionality of the Angaza platform.

Pay-As-You-Go Technology Options


Angaza’s Keycode technology is a low cost activation technology that allows for activation keycodes to be sent directly to the end customer and removes the need to collect payments in person where mobile money is accepted.


Angaza’s GSM technology is a two-way communication technology that relies on the global cellular network to transmit data between the device and the Angaza software platform.