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Angaza offers Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology to manufacturing and distribution companies like yours to make clean energy devices affordable to the next billion off-grid consumers. Our PAYG expertise, flexible technology, and robust software platform make partnering with us the smart choice.

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Note: If you design and build clean energy devices, Angaza considers you to be a manufacturer. If you sell clean energy devices to the end consumer, Angaza considers you to be a distributor.

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Angaza Careers

  • Sales Specialist

    Expand Angaza’s global distribution network as we scale our presence internationally.

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  • Software Engineering Manager – Nairobi

    Support the team building modern software for off-grid energy sales.

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  • Software Engineer – Nairobi

    Build business-critical software to support life-changing products.

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  • Head of Global Sales

    Ensure Angaza achieves its growth targets through crisp sales strategy definition. This position is based in East Africa.

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  • Financial Analyst

    Help manage Angaza’s finances to enable operational excellence during a period of rapid growth and expansion.

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  • Product Manager

    Drive development of Angaza’s software platform.

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  • Firmware / Devices Manager

    Lead the engineering team that creates embedded PAYG solutions.

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  • Android Developer

    Build mobile tools enabling networks of agents to service solar energy consumers across Africa and India.

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  • Senior Software Engineer – San Francisco

    Build business-critical software to support life-changing products.

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