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Unlock New Markets with Angaza Pay-As-You-Go Technology

For solar manufacturers seeking to increase sales of their products in emerging markets, Angaza integrates field-tested pay-as-you-go embedded metering and monitoring technology into a range of devices, unlocking the ability to offer low-risk consumer financing for product distributors and ensuring affordability for end consumers.

Metering and Monitoring Technology

Cable Based
Angaza’s cable-based technology is the lowest cost, highest reliability option for communication with a Pay-As-You-Go device. This technology is ideal for small, portable Pay-As-You-Go devices where a sales agent equipped with our mobile App (the Angaza Activator) will be physically present.

Keycode technology integrates into energy products in two ways: the product can be sold with an external keypad or the keypad can be integrated onto the device. This lower cost, uni-directional data communication method relies on direct SMS communication to the client and removes the need for a sales agent to manage individual payment collections.

Angaza’s GSM technology is optimized for use with higher end, non-portable Pay-As-You-Go products. The technology relies on the cellular network to transmit data bidirectionally between the product and Angaza’s software platform, the Angaza Hub.

Angaza partners with best-in-class device manufacturers to integrate field-tested pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology into most solar home systems or household products.

Compatible With a Range of Product Lines

Angaza technology is compatible with many types of products suitable for consumer financing, from solar home systems, televisions and appliances, to mobile phones.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Angaza partners with best-in-class manufacturers of durable devices that cater to emerging market consumers.

Angaza is maybe one of the only companies that live up to their values of good customer service; every person I have interacted with has been responsive, nice, and eager to help. I really enjoy working with everyone I’ve encountered.

Peter Legat, Solar Village


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